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Michael Kelly Licensed Real Estate Agent- Licensed Notary Public

                       2017 - New Construction Cleaning Programs

The following is a list of services that are completed during your cleaning.
Entire Home:
- ALL ceiling will be dry mopped clean of any dust with our micro-fiber wide mops
- ALL walls will be dry mopped clean of any dust with our micro-fiber wide mops
- ALL molding ( ceiling, walls, door ways & floor) will be vacuumed clean
- All ceiling fans cleaned
- All wall & floor vents vacuumed clean
- All floors ( Wood ) will be sweep, vacuumed & washed clean with water & vinegar. Then buffed dry
- All rooms will be cleaned (even the laundry room ) Washer & dryer wiped clean
- All glass furniture tops cleaned with Windex & buff dry with our micro-fiber cloths.
- Damp wipe cabinet doors & open all drawers and vacuumed clean
- Sanitize all cabinet handles & all door knobs
- Clean microwave oven inside and out including the turntable
- Sweep, vacuum & disinfect the floor with a Bona cleaner & buff dry ( added service STEAM Clear floor)
- Sanitize clean all counter tops , back splashes and appliances
- All granite cleaned with Perfect Granite & All marble cleaned with Perfect marble, then buffed dry to shine
- Sanitize clean sink, outside of stove.
- Clean & wipe all kitchen furniture ( ex. Table & chairs) Polish if needed
- Empty all garbage, wipe the inside of the garbage can & replace with new kitchen garbage bag
- Clean & disinfect the tub and shower ( shower tracks cleaned)
- Jacuzzi tubs washed including the jets
- Shower glass doors cleaned inside & out with Windex & then wiped dried.
- Scrub the tiles walls and tub. We then dry the floor of the tub or shower
- Clean & disinfect the sink. Disinfect, Clean and polish both faucets and the handles
- Clean inside & outside of vanity & under sink
- Clean toilet bowl with brush & disinfect, clean & dry toilet seat, rim and seat hinges
- Clean mirrors & lights
- We hand wash & disinfect the floor tiles We then buff dry
- Empty and wipe out wastebasket and add new garbage bag.
- Check under all beds, vacuum as far under as possible ( Vacuum all closets)
- Dust furniture ( Added service we can polish furniture)
- Clean closet door mirrors
- Vacuum room furniture & use our sticky rolls to remove lint.
- Straighten beds to look presentable
Main Rooms, Living Rooms and Dining Rooms;
- Dust furniture  We use MICRO FILTER Duster & Cloths.
- Vacuum floors, rugs and carpeting. We vacuum all stairs
- Dry Mop hardwood floors, vacuum all remaining dust then clean with water ( 20% vinegar) & buff dry
- Vacuum off living room furniture to remove dust. Fluff the cushions. If needed we use the sticky rollers to remove any remaining dust
- or lint
- Wipe all the switch plates, doorknobs, remote controls and light switches with a disinfectant.
- Empty all wastebaskets and add a new garbage bag
 I would like to see the home as soon as possible to determine how many workers I would need.
Can you please give me your estimated square footage of your new home.
Understanding the size & the amount of workers will help me give you a fair price.
I am very sure that you will love our work & the team of women that I have.
New home cleaning fee  $ ? + Tax =       
The customer will agree to pay for services rendered by Kelly's Cleaning Services LLC  at the end of job. Failure to pay for these services will result in paying the cost of the service plus a 5% late charge after two weeks. their will than be additional cost for collection & legal fees thereafter.
Please send me back your confirming E-mail to my contract________________________ 
                                    ADDITIONAL SERVICES:                                                               
Window Cleaning Specialist --Windows -- Shades -- Blinds -- Screens---- Side Traces
Windows cleaning $12.00 with screen -----Slider door each $15.00 with screen  
Steam Cleaning Rugs / Carpets / Tile Floors / Kitchen Cabinets